John McDermott's Home Page
" Tenor John McDermott is one of this country's most beloved entertainers."
- Toronto Star
" McDermott is the real deal. He's a singer of gorgeous voice and unpretentious ways, and his career is the kind of rare grassroots phenomenon most folk singers can only dream of."
- Boston Herald
" McDermott has a warm and instantly recognizable voice that sometimes resonates like Gordon Lightfoot with a brogue."
- Seattle Times
" The world's greatest Irish-Scots-Canadian tenor melted hearts and raised smiles in London yesterday."
- London Free Press
" His rich tenor voice is as warm and comforting as a hot toddy on a cold winter's night."
- Kitchener Record
" John McDermott is the real thing - with a sound as pure and achingly beautiful as the ancient countryside."
- Chicago Sun Times
" John McDermott goes down smooth and satisfying, like a pint of fine Guinness. Give him nothing more than a microphone and chances are, he'll not only regale you with colourful stories, but soothe and caress you with a rich, expressive brogue that's meant to be used on songs from the British Isles. Toss in his casual, conversational on-stage demeanor and you have, for all intents and purposes, a Celtic version of Dean Martin."
- Calgary Sun