" A powerhouse voice that could pack a football stadium."
- The National Post
" A decade's worth of quality releases and heavy touring have made New Brunswick's Matt Andersen into one of the nation's most reliable performers."
- AllMusic
" The New Brunswick native may hail from Canada, but his sound is steeped in the sweaty roots-tinged grit of the American South. His commanding performance style is mind-blowing..."
- Mother Church Pew
" It's hard to deny Andersen's signature sound: room-shaking vocals, sweat-soaked soul meets incendiary rhythm and blues, along with heartsick folk and Americana grit."
- Ghettoblaster Magazine
" A classic example of a natural talent."
- Lust For Life
" Andersen, a gust of fresh air on the blues and folk scene."
- The Globe & Mail
" A giant of a man, with a voice to match, the New Brunswick native has firmly established himself over the past year as one of Canada's brightest new roots music stars."
- Exclaim Magazine
" There's no question that Matt Andersen is a dynamite performer, getting more power out of his acoustic guitar than a hill full of wind turbines and combining rock, soul, blues, folk and country into a tuneful tangle of roots that might just as well be called 'Matt Andersen music'."
- The Chronicle Herald
" Matt's sprawling blues, roots and rock musical hybrid with his sorrowing and soulful voice and astonishing guitar-playing has sparked a phenomenal buzz."
- Toronto Blues Society
" The New Brunswick-born singer/songwriter demonstrated why he is one of the most exciting performers to erupt on the Canadian music scene in recent memory."
- TheRecord.com
" He has a voice that can stop you in your tracks, listen to the title song and you can feel the flow of tragic emotion and then listen to the constrained rocker I Work Hard For The Luxury, it is an empathy that draws from a deep soul."
- AcousticMusic.com
" It is no accident that Matt Andersen, now recognized internationally as one of the most impressive performers to emerge from Atlantic Canada."
- DeepRootsMusic.com
" Andersen's skillful and melodic guitar work underpins much of the verve of his new album Coal Mining Blues."
- Telegraph UK
" Channeling the sounds of Chicago and Memphis with energetic keyboard-laden jams and soulful down-tempo ballads playing a narrative of the working class life."
- Velvet Rope Magazine
" Canada's greatest guitarist made one acoustic guitar sound like a fully staffed band. Outrageous skill and contagious joy..."
- The London Times
" When you hear New Brunswick fretmaster Matt Andersen wailing away the word dextrous comes to mind, because he's tearing off enough rapid-fire acoustic licks to challenge Eddie Van Halen on 'Eruption'."
- Georgia Straight
" His set will delight those who have seen Matt live & cause regret to those who haven't."
- Blues in Britain
" Every now and again you hear an artist that just pulls you up short, stops you dead in your tracks, like being on a top flight cutting horse that can stop on a dime, rollback and give you a nickel in Matt Andersen's voice did that to me the first time I heard it. He is the whole package and can play guitar, write relevant songs and present the songs in a way that will just bring you to a standstill and make you listen up."
- Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange