" The effortless, inviting vocals of Marc Jordan and Amy Sky blend perfectly. They are a fusion of styles and intensities that create emotionally logical and musically seamless discoveries."
- parcbench.live
" Marc Jordan and Amy Sky are a true power couple in the music community. On He Sang She Sang, they unite to bring us elegant, passionate, and undeniably honest duet versions of a mix of classic songs and originals"
- Record World International
" Amy Sky could give seminars on smoulder"
- Toronto Star
" ... an enchanting mix of Jordan’s smoky resonance plus Sky’s alto trading lines effortlessly before bringing their masterful vocals into perfect harmony... an album of wide and timeless appeal"
- FYI News Bulletin
" kept the sold-out crowd enraptured"
- The Beat–Arts in London
" Canadian music industry royalty"
- Beach Corner
Of the album He Sang, She Sang: “Turns out, they can not only pen a song that will resonate around the globe, but they can deliver one, too."
- Take Effect
" Sky is a Canadian musical icon"
- National Post
" If music is doing its job, one of its functions is to act as a salve to the troubled times in our lives. Marc performs...with so much affection and imagination, the mission is accomplished."
- Ross Porter
" With the release of "Best Day of My Life" and his induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Jordan continues to make an indelible mark on the music industry. His rich and varied career has been punctuated by exceptional songwriting, moving performances, and a deep connection with his audience. As “Best Day of My Life” graces the airwaves, fans and music enthusiasts can revel in the depth of emotion and musical prowess Jordan brings to his craft."
- That Eric Alper