"   Extremely funny comedy show that showcases mercurial improvisational talents. Masters of their art flexing every muscle available to tickle each funny bone in the house."
- David Jobling, UK Fringe Festival Review
"   A high- energy evening that never loses pace."
- Tim Lloyd, Adelaide Now
" A show suitable for both men and women... an entertaining ride where anything goes."
- Rip It Up Magazine
" One of the most hilarious shows I've ever seen."
- Sarah Szloboda, Vancouver Sun
" Tummy still aches from laughing! Best nite out!"    - L.A.
" I haven't laughed that hard in a lonnnng time."    - T.C.
" You were amazing! Loved every minute of it!"    - A.K.
" Funniest thing ever."    - H.R.
" Have not laughed this much. Ever."    - C.B.
" One of the best nights ever! You'll laugh until you cry!"
- R.L.
" So much laughing and smiling that my face still hurts... loved, loved, loved it!"    - K.S.
" BEST SHOW EVER!"    - M.C.
" Would go again in a heart beat!!"    - V.J.
" Fantastic Show."    - L.C.
" A perfect night of fun and laughs!"    - K.T.
" It was AWESOME!"    - T.M.
" Loved, loved, loved your show tonight!"    - N.S.
" If there is ONE event this year you should go to, it's definitely The Comic Strippers!!!!!!!!"    - H.B.