Ian Thomas: Not Gone Yet Ian Thomas is "the complete entertainment experience!" He is a film-composer, an author, an actor... and, of course, a Juno-award-winning singer-songwriter whose songs helped form the bedrock of the Canadian musical landscape, a contribution for which he was honoured with a SOCAN National Achievement Award for Songwriting.
Ian Thomas first garnered major radio airplay in 1973 with the top-40 single Painted Ladies, followed by a string of hits throughout the 70s and 80s, and on into the 90s with his band The Boomers. Whether performed by him or covered by artists including Santana, Chicago, Manfred Mann, America, Bon Jovi and Bette Midler, Ian’s many hits continually achieved heavy rotation on radio across Canada and around the world ... recordings such as Pilot, Hold On, Right Before Your Eyes, Coming Home, You Gotta Know, Come The Sun... to name but a few.
Of his art, Ian says: "The song remains the most satisfying creative experience for me. Songs are interactive and, with over 50 years of writing, I have spent many hours with each one and they with me. When I listen to one of my old albums, I remember where I was and the people I made them with, some living, some now dead. I think about who I am, who I used to be, and who I thought I was. These albums are like flags stuck in the road behind me that wind back, into the past, almost out of view."
Ian Thomas, with his stellar 4-piece band, brings past to present recreating the original sound of all the hits ... 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. Ian Thomas ... Not Gone Yet!
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