SPECIAL UPDATE FROM KIM & RICH: The show must go on... Ronnie wouldn't have it any other way. It is with sadness and love that we must announce the passing of our longtime friend and bandmate Ronnie King. The tour that was intended to be his final bow will now, instead, be our tribute to, and celebration of, our beautiful friend and partner. We’ve asked bassist Dave Chobot to join us on this final run. It will be an evening filled with our classic hits, delivered with love... One More Time.
They're on their way, to the city lights... and, THE predominant Canadian Rock 'n' Roll band of the 1970s are bringing along all their classic hits: Wild Eyes, Carry Me, Oh My Lady, Devil You, Monday Morning Choo Choo, Minstrel Gypsy, Hit the Road Jack and, of course, the quintessential Canadian - and Hall of Fame - song, Sweet City Woman.
A veritable soundtrack to a whole generation that will 'carry you home... maybe not to Birmingham... but back to a time of tie-dyed shirts and elevator shoes, 15¢ coffee and homemade apple pie, dating and dreaming... The enduring musical legacy of The Stampeders, One More Time... 'better catch a noon train, better get there for a rock 'n' rolling good time!'
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